A+Plus Driving School has closed...


Life circumstances have caused us to permanently close A+Plus Driving School.


As some of you may be aware, Mr. Maddaloni, the owner of A+Plus Driving School, has been facing severe medical issues as an 8 year kidney patient undergoing home dialysis while waiting for a donor. Despite that physical limitation, Mike continued to work for nearly 7 years because of his dedication to his students. Medical issues intensified last May when he unexpectedly needed a double heart-valve replacement. This surgery induced a stroke during the procedure.


We were advised by medical professionals at the time not to rush into making important decisions, that only time would produce the necessary answers regarding recovery and lasting complications.


I was advised to run the business on his behalf, often working 16-18 hour days, yet struggled to keep the business viable, due to the need to lower class volume and frequency to accommodate the fact that I was the only working instructor.


Throughout the year, Mr. Maddaloni suffered several life threatening complications requiring additional surgeries. Dedicated to the business, I committed nearly entirely to A+Plus Driving School and often could not be at the hospital due to tight class and drive-time scheduling.

It wasn't until recently that medical professionals revealed that Mr. Maddaloni would not be able to return to work as a driving instructor – if ever to work again. 


In an attempt to alleviate confusion and make the transition as smooth as possible, all student records including; classroom, drive-times and certificates were immediately turned over to the Secretary Of State. Please contact them regarding records and bond information.

Secretary Of State: 1-847-981-7455

With summer classes in session, exhausted and overwhelmed with both business and family responsibilities, my father became suddenly ill to the point of hospitalization. Within the same time-frame, Mr. Maddaloni was being released after over a year of nearly continuous hospital and rehab care.


Tasked as the family's only care-giver, I continued to teach classes and provide drive times while using any spare time to afford care to my parents and Mr. Madd.


Within two weeks of hospitalization, my father quickly declined, forcing me to choose between work and family. While still struggling with that decision, I was informed of my father's nearing death and was forced to say goodbye over the phone from outside the classroom - then returned to continue the class. After class ended I rushed to the hospital yet missed his final moments. That was the breaking point – when I realized that one person simply can not handle it all and hope was lost.


One of the greatest attributes of A+Driving School is that it was family owned and operated – sadly, this is the same thing that caused its demise.


Despite the great progress Mike has made, I have lost hope that he would ever be able to achieve the high standard of teaching that we have built A+Plus on. His speech, reaction times and cognitive abilities have all been impaired – key factors necessary in drivers education.


Due to overwhelming stress, I myself am losing the ability to function effectively as an instructor and do not wish our students to suffer because of it.


We always wish our students only the best.

Driving is freedom - where are you going today?

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